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Updated Master Fic List Feb. 2012

I realized I had not done a good job of adding my 2011 stories to my masterpost, so in a burst of productivity, I redid it.

Stories with an * were written after January 2011 and are new to this post.

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Title: ...And Throw Away the Key
Author: borgmama1of5
Genre: Gen
Wordcount: 1200
Beta: sandymg Thank you for being so quick!
Disclaimer: Not mine, just trying to fix things...
Summary: Missing scene for 11.22--In the middle of the battle with Amara, Chuck drops the bombshell that Sam will be the new bearer of the Mark. As Dean starts to protest, Sam says, "God and I talked about this." I needed to hear that conversation.

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Rewatching Season 11

It’s always a different experience watching the season a second time knowing how it is going to play out. Some things make me go ‘Ah-ha! So that’s when they set that twist up’ and others make me go ‘Huh, they really just kind of dropped that thread, didn’t they…’

Thinking that perhaps a few of you might be interested in my ‘second-time-around observations,’ I decided that I will post my thoughts as I do my rewatch before the new season starts.

I watched the first 3 eps together because they are a unit in the same way that the last 3 eps were.

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ChiCon 2016 Sept 9-11, 2016

No matter what, ChiCon is the one I will always be attending because I live here! When she heard Jeffrey Dean Morgan was coming, sandymg was definitely coming from New York again, and we had a fun time for the 3 days.

In a moment of madness, we bid on and won tickets to both Jared and Jensen's meet and greets, which are amazing 30-minute experiences...my brain may not have been completely functioning during that time…
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For Sandy's pix: http://sandymg.livejournal.com/77988.html

Signal Boost for SPN-Sil

SPN-Sil is a special member of the SPN fandom--she is the one who collects all the tweets and photos and videos of all the SPN cons and shares them in an organized collection for the rest of us to share in the experience.

She is asking for help, and I am boosting the signal. While many of us cannot help financially, we can help by spreading the word as a way of showing appreciation for how she has contributed to the SPN community.

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