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Updated Master Fic List Feb. 2012

I realized I had not done a good job of adding my 2011 stories to my masterpost, so in a burst of productivity, I redid it.

Stories with an * were written after January 2011 and are new to this post.

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There's a box waiting for me when I got home from work tonight. The return address is from sandymg?

Curiously open it...

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I realize I haven't posted for a long time, though I have been leaving comments on my friends' feeds...

So a really quick happy post about how I spent my Christmas!

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Title: ...And Throw Away the Key
Author: borgmama1of5
Genre: Gen
Wordcount: 1200
Beta: sandymg Thank you for being so quick!
Disclaimer: Not mine, just trying to fix things...
Summary: Missing scene for 11.22--In the middle of the battle with Amara, Chuck drops the bombshell that Sam will be the new bearer of the Mark. As Dean starts to protest, Sam says, "God and I talked about this." I needed to hear that conversation.

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Rewatching Season 11

It’s always a different experience watching the season a second time knowing how it is going to play out. Some things make me go ‘Ah-ha! So that’s when they set that twist up’ and others make me go ‘Huh, they really just kind of dropped that thread, didn’t they…’

Thinking that perhaps a few of you might be interested in my ‘second-time-around observations,’ I decided that I will post my thoughts as I do my rewatch before the new season starts.

I watched the first 3 eps together because they are a unit in the same way that the last 3 eps were.

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