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Updated Master Fic List Feb. 2012

I realized I had not done a good job of adding my 2011 stories to my masterpost, so in a burst of productivity, I redid it.

Stories with an * were written after January 2011 and are new to this post.

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I haven't posted anything much abour real life lately, because it's mostly wake up, go to work, come home, surf for SPN stuff, go to bed, and repeat...

But I had a wonderful holiday!Collapse )
Title: Operation: Winchester Rescue
Author: borgmama1of5
Artist: dmsilvisart
            Please go to her link and leave her some love:

Wordcount: 7778
Rating: PG-13
Genre: gen
Spoilers: au after 12.23
Beta: sandymg
Disclaimer: Just having fun in the SPN sandbox
Summary: Sam and Dean need rescuing--and who better to send on the mission than all their recently deceased enemies under the direction of a resurrected angel? You can imagine how well that's going to work...
Author’s Notes and Thank Yous: At the end
Link to AO3:

Operation: Winchester RescueCollapse )

13.03 Jack

What was going through Jack's mind when Sam left him alone?

The pencil was so insignificant...Collapse )

How Supernatural Should End

In the course of a discussion with friends about how show is going to kill us all with the probable end that kills off Sam and Dean (or worse, just one of them) I realized how it needs to end for me.

Sam and Dean are in a to-the-death battle with the last big bad...the fight is long and bloody...the foe is vanquished but both are mortally wounded and fall together to the ground...screen goes black...fandom is sobbing their collective eyes out...

Cut to Chuck relaxing in a comfortable room, listening to some classic rock...he sits up, shakes his head disbelievingly...mutters "No, not again...I don't believe it..." He sighs.

Amara comes in the room. "You know what you need to do, don't you, brother?"

"I can't...I shouldn't...Really, it's against all the rules..."

"Did you ever truly hold them to the rules, brother?"

"Well, no, but...this seems terribly excessive."

"Listen to the 10 million fangirls and boys wailing...Do you really want to hear that for the next millennium?"

Chuck sighs again, then a little smile plays around his mouth and he snaps his fingers. "There'll never be peace when they are done, will there be? Guess that just means..."

Fade out.
This Saturday I finally had time to start my rewatch of season 12 on the dvds.

I started around 4 pm Saturday...and finished up at 4:30 am Monday morning...while I did take a sleep break Saturday night, on Sunday I didn't want to stop and watched 13 episodes straight...and I'm going to call off work today (and after I get some sleep I have to do all the Sunday chores I skipped like laundry and dishes...)

But you guys won't tell my boss why I called in sick, will you?  :)

Overall review of the season when watched as a whole--uneven.

I actually thought Mary's story of estrangement was the most coherent plotline of the season and the part I enjoyed rewatching the most. I know many people thought her character was ruined, but her 'not fitting' was played from the start and carried through to a great payoff in Dean's scene in Mary's head...and then had such a tragic ending--though I think all of us expected Mary would not survive the season...

Mick and Ketch were interesting characters, and I enjoyed watching their arcs, but the BMoL plot never made sense from Lady Toni's initial pointless torture interrogation of Sam, and the bit of Mick's backstory where he had to kill his friend was so unbelievably heavy-handed in an effort to show how evil the organization was...subtlety, writers, is so much more effective!

Cas was all over the place as was the Lucifer's baby storyline...Giving us a plot where the solution is to kill an unborn baby was a nasty place to spend so much time...I wish they would have gone with the solution of Cas taking her up to heaven via the sandbox, mostly because I don't have any confidence in the writers being able to make a decent season's story about Lucifer's son choosing between good and evil...
The Lucifer/Crowley story felt like more rehash of the previous year, and the reversal of the wards on Lucifer's body so he could control Crowley made no sense whatsoever. I honestly don't know what there would be for Crowley to do in season 13 if he had survived. (I also honestly think Cas has outlived his dramatic usefulness on the show...he was mostly an inept character who kept doing the wrong thing all season and having big emoting scenes that felt so out of left field...)

We got a few very good stand-alone episodes and a really good next-to-last episode While I enjoyed the Sam-and-Dean prison break episode a lot, it actually didn't feel like an episode of Supernatural. Don't get me wrong, it was excellent to see the boys be super smart fighters...and I can't put my finger on why it felt out of place--I'll be interested if anyone else has a similar reaction.

We got a lot of really unpleasant, very strong personality villains this year, not as many well-fleshed out minor characters, although I did enjoy the doomed hunter Wally. And what they did to the witch twins just broke my heart--that was a tough episode to rewatch (and I wonder if Sam and Dean will ever run into Max again and see what he did--and have to fix it???)

Sam and Dean were the most united of any season ever...and they both seem to have started to embrace the idea that they are heroes rather than dwelling on their screw-ups. Dean especially seemed to have gotten past his existential angst about not saving everyone. Since wanting them to mature enough to not be angsting all the time has been one of my wishes, I should be happy, right? Except Jensen does such a heart-rending angst I kinda missed it, which is why I appreciated the conflict between him and Mary giving him something to feel bad about. Sam, on the other hand--well, his new-found maturity is incredibly hot...

So that's my snapshot review after my 2-day binge. Going to text my boss that I'm not coming to work and then heading off to bed...