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Rewatching Season 11

It’s always a different experience watching the season a second time knowing how it is going to play out. Some things make me go ‘Ah-ha! So that’s when they set that twist up’ and others make me go ‘Huh, they really just kind of dropped that thread, didn’t they…’

Thinking that perhaps a few of you might be interested in my ‘second-time-around observations,’ I decided that I will post my thoughts as I do my rewatch before the new season starts.

I watched the first 3 eps together because they are a unit in the same way that the last 3 eps were.

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ChiCon 2016 Sept 9-11, 2016

No matter what, ChiCon is the one I will always be attending because I live here! When she heard Jeffrey Dean Morgan was coming, sandymg was definitely coming from New York again, and we had a fun time for the 3 days.

In a moment of madness, we bid on and won tickets to both Jared and Jensen's meet and greets, which are amazing 30-minute experiences...my brain may not have been completely functioning during that time…
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For Sandy's pix: http://sandymg.livejournal.com/77988.html

Signal Boost for SPN-Sil

SPN-Sil is a special member of the SPN fandom--she is the one who collects all the tweets and photos and videos of all the SPN cons and shares them in an organized collection for the rest of us to share in the experience.

She is asking for help, and I am boosting the signal. While many of us cannot help financially, we can help by spreading the word as a way of showing appreciation for how she has contributed to the SPN community.

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A Rec for a Finale Coda

If you were intrigued by the last image of the SPN finale, I urge you to immediately read this coda:

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It's how I want season 12 to start!

(And give sandymg some love--this is her first SPN fic in 3 years and we need her to come back!)

Oh, Supernatural!

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Last night was totally amazing! Robbie Thompson is the new God...


Title: Non-Debatable
Genre: teenchesters
Wordcount: 1900
Rating: PG
sandymg Any errors are from my messing around after she worked her magic…
Disclaimer: They have to be used to being borrowed by now…
Summary: Another hurried departure leaves Sam with unfinished business…
Prompt: from
Sam: I wouldn't do this without my brother. He has my back (Season 11 Into the Mystic)

John strode into the motel room in full C.O. mode.Collapse )


SPN Quotefic: Dirty Fighting

Title: Dirty Fighting
Genre: gen, sometime in season 5
Wordcount: 970
Rating: PG-13
sandymg who made me very happy when she ‘got’ this one
Disclaimer: Just having some fun…
Summary: Two guys walk into a bar...
Prompt: from
rowley: This has been a horrible train wreck, so we’re done. Team up over. (11.10 The Devil in the Details)

Donald rolled the six-sided coin between his fingers...Collapse )

Collateral Damage

Title: Collateral Damage
Genre: gen, pre-series
Wordcount: 1000
Rating: PG-13

sandymg Any errors are mine, I fussed with it after she worked her magic…
Disclaimer: Just borrowing them for a little while…

Summary: Sam had taped that poster over his bed in every motel for six months…
Prompt: from
zara_zee Sam: "I used to be in business with my brother. Truth is I was pretty good at the job. But...I made some mistakes, I did some stuff I'm not so proud of, and people got hurt. A lot of people." Free to Be You and Me, episode 5.03


Collateral Damage
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Monsters I Get

Title: Monsters I Get
Author: borgmama1of5
Genre: gen, pre-series
Wordcount: 1000
Rating: PG-13

sandymg Best Cheerleader Ever!
Disclaimer: Just playing with them nicely…

Summary: A variation on ‘Saving People, Hunting Things’
Prompt: From amberdreams (4.14 Sex and Violence)
Sam: You seem pretty cheery.
Dean: Strippers, Sammy. Strippers. We're on an actual case involving strippers. Finally.

Monsters I Get

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Title & Summary: Five Times Dean Worried about Ben and One Time He Didn’t
Genre: gen
Wordcount: 1635

Rating: PG-13
Beta: sandymg Thanks for helping me get my groove back!
Disclaimer: Not mine, sadly
Prompt: As fate would have it, I adopted two boys. And they grew up great. They grew up heroes. (7.10 Death’s Door) from ash48

Five Times Dean Worried about Ben and One Time He Didn’t
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