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Updated Master Fic List Sept. 2018!

9/26/18--I added everything written since 2012!!! New stories are labeled ***New

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An Old New SPN Fic

I stumbled across a folder on my hard drive labeled 'Fic Started' and there was this complete story that I'd never posted! It was written during the hiatus between seasons 7 & 8, and is actually AU, but I thought it might still be of some interest. Obviously I'd seen the spoiler about Sam and Amelia, but that was all.

Title: Back From Purgatory
Author: borgmama1of5
Wordcount: 3200
Rating: PG
Genre: gen
Disclaimer: Just celebrating the start of the last season...
Summary: Dean returns
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21006749

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Just finished the season finale and wow, I am nervous all over again about how they get out of that graveyard!!

But what really hit me hard again was that Dean chose not to shoot Jack even though Jack was fully accepting that he should die for his mistakes, and Dean made his choice without Sam saying anything. And then when Chuck offered to bring Mary back if Dean shoots Jack, that just got Dean in 'I won't be screwed with' mode. And then Chuck killed Jack anyway, dammit!

Watching the season in one fell swoop, I found it interesting that it was set up to make Michael the big bad for the season and then halfway through Michael's taken care of and suddenly Jack is the inadvertent big bad. I think Jack's character development over the last 2 seasons was really well done and Alex Calvert played him perfectly to make us feel for him doing wrong without meaning to. And in a way his behavior--doing the wrong thing while trying to do the right thing--is the same path that both Sam and Dean have taken trips down over the years, so that made me especially empathetic toward him.

Rewatching the scenes with Chuck, I wonder just how much free will the boys have had all along. I know that is supposed to be one of the arcs of this season...my feeling is that Chuck keeps putting hurdles in their path but how they get over or around them is something he sits back and watches. And maybe throws another bump if they are going in a way he doesn't care for, but that they have still worked around it with free will.

At least that's what I hope.

October 10 can't come soon enough!!!

A Perk of Being a Grown-up...

...with no responsibilities to anyone else on a weekend when you're not on call:

My SPN season 14 videos arrived this week and I watched the first 11 episodes Friday night until 6 am Saturday morning while eating pizza and ice cream and I will watch the rest of them today and tomorrow  :)  :)  :)

(Initial review: the writing in the first few episodes was wildly uneven...I still cannot stand the Nick storyline and the use of the character Maggie makes me crazy. However Sam and Dean/Jared and Jensen are awesome and episode 300 was practically perfect. The fact that they got the episode with John's return right gives me a little hope that they will get the series finale right as well...)

Reccing an Oldie

I  just reread this, and it's a great read that should get a look from new eyes (or be reread by old ones):

The road to Detroit is Paved with Hell by sandymg

I read this during the season 5 winter hiatus, after Sam and Dean had tried and failed to kill Lucifer with the Colt and Ellen and Jo were killed during the attempt. sandymg continues with the boys' struggle to keep the Apocalypse from happening. While it has some things occur differently than what became cannon, she gives the boys the emotional development that actually dovetails into how the season did end, it's so perfect in its characterizations of Sam, Dean, and Lucifer. Between the emotion and the action it is one roller-coaster of a read!

SPN Fan Help

If I am on your friends list, there is a good probability that you are also friends with sandymg, my fellow fanfic writer and partner in crime. She just got some bad health news and another friend of hers started this: https://www.gofundme.com/support-sandy039s-cancer-treatment

Please share if you can.


What does it say about me...

...that I am more sad about the end of Supernatural announcement than I am about the fact that my divorce was finalized 2 days ago?

Fortunately one of my friends could explain: "You were ready for one and not the other."

The Facebook Aging Challenge Winner

Probably many of you have seen the new FB challenge to post the first and the most recent profile pix to see how you've aged.

And someone posted this:

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text that says 'Candice CandiceMcC Dean Winchester is the definitive winner of the "How well did you age challenge." I don't make the rules.'

They are so right!!!

Happy New Year!

Still here, mostly reading everyone else's posts and leaving comments...

I had a glorious New Year's because my oldest daughter's family came to Chicago to visit me the week between Christmas and New Year's. This came about after a conversation in which we discussed that ever since I've had grandkids (6 years) I have always gone to see one of their families, so there's never been a 'Grandma Christmas.' So I got one this year, and put up my 40-year-old tree with its 5 boxes of ornaments, and reminisced about the stories behind them with my daughter, and drove everyone around the nearby neighborhood all blinged out with decorations, and hosted a New Year's Day party for lots of old friends, and had a perfect week!

Title: I Solemnly Swear Not to Hunt Like a Dumbass
Author: borgmama1of5
Artist: dmsilvisart
       Please go to her link and leave her some love!   

Wordcount: 3900
Rating: PG-13
Genre: gen
Disclaimer: Just having some fun in the SPN playground
Beta: sandymg (Thank you for the ending!)
Summary: Just another day in the life of a hunter...
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16617944

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